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James J. Pink is going through tough times and finds himself stranded on the streets of Mexico. BUT love is muy caliente and Formosa comes to safe his life. Or not…

Formosa’s Spirit signals. Pink receives the signal loud and clear. He wonders if the desert lion is real or just a mirage. The clouds in his brain are so dense and heavy.

He throws his now debunked thoughts out the window and the dark dank fog clears. Now he knows what the hell is going on! Rock Paper Texas is formed…

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About RPT

What started as Rod and Kyle’s mutual Bob Marley fandom evolved into three songs and the debut of Rock Paper Texas – from a basement! Each song offers a thrilling curveball with beats that quickly transition from one genre to another. Not only does this keep the audience dialled in, but it also ensures that both Rod and Kyle stay honest and humble as performers.

This eclectic band is all about living as the wildcard and never holding back – let’s just say that if in some alternate universe Vancouver and Texas merged to create one country, Rock Paper Texas would be writing their brand new anthem. In the meantime, the awe-inspiring band continues to take Vancouver by storm.

As Rock Paper Texas continues to entertain music lovers from all over the world, it looks to positively disrupt mainstream media, movie scenes and video games. Because, let’s be honest. If you can start a change-making band in a basement, you can do anything.

Kyle Wright


Kyle found his happy space a long time ago. Spoiler alert: It’s on the stage. He’s always had an endless stream of energy and a zest for life that he loves sharing with people from all walks of life. By pairing his creative lyrics with the art of performance, Kyle’s music transcends the limits of conventional music. Overall, he hopes that the people who watch his music get to enjoy it just as much as he does.

Rod Pancine


You don’t need to know much about Rod to sense the Brazilian flavour he brings to his music. As a people person, he lives for the process of not only creating music, but also using it as an art to change lives. You can expect contagious lyrics and beats when listening to him play rock, reggae, hard blues and more. All you have to do is stand in the crowd, shake your hips and wait for a tingling sensation to travel down your spine.

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